If Your Struggling…

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; Asking for help does not make you weak. Telling someone you aren’t coping isn’t a sign of failure. Needing some time out of school or away from work does not mean you are ‘skiving’. Not being able to have a job doesn’t make you ‘lazy’. Going inpatient is not an admission of hopelessness, it’s one of the bravest things you can do. Do not be shamed in to believing you aren’t worthy by a skewed, archaic society who puts beauty before happiness, mental stamina before before mental health and physical appearance before physical illness -a society who blames short skirts on sexual assault, ignores mens mental health and is more likely to demonise a victim of paedophilia before it demonises the paedophile. Saying that you are struggling and need support does not make you an embarrasment, it makes you the strongest damn person in the room. Stay Strong ❤️ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ #reachout #talktosomeone #findanadvocate #youmatter #askforhelp #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #bpd #mooddisorder #sexualassault #depression #chronicillness #anxiety #selfharm #eatingdisorder #cptsd #did #bipolar #inpatient #addiction #validation #support #youwillgetthroughthis #sucideprevention #mentalhealthawareness #mensmentalhealth #therapyworks #rehab #recovery #relapse @recoverclinic 🙏 For support you can contact: Uk Samaritans call:116123 Uk crisis txtline: text SHOUT to 85258 Australia life line: 13 11 14 Canadian mental health crisis: 902 429 8167 Usa txtline: text MHA to 741741 Please check out https://checkpointorg.com/global/ for all other countries not listed.

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A look at Brene Browns book Daring Greatly!

“Merely surviving is not living.” Witten by Brene Brown.

“Love and belonging are needs of all people.” Witten by Brene Brown.

“Love and belonging are impossible to experience without vulnerability.” Written by Brene Brown.

“Examin shame triggers what’s fueling the win or lose of fear.” Witten by Brene Brown.

Five Books That Helped My Mental Health

Borderline Personality Disorder

Hard things I’ve had to do because I’m a highly sensitive person or because I have borderline personality disorder and I can not watch any TV, movies, read any books that are

a. Anything gory\scary (I’ve had enough scary in my life.

* If you ever struggle message me.* jeannettewhalen77@gmail.com

b. Dramas (they make me cry. I cry enough. I’m more interested in self help show’s, audio books and a real hard bound book on borderline personality disorder.)

c. Lovestorys (I can not watch a chick flick. A girly love story where everything always turns out for everyone.

I was watching a love story the moment the trauma occurred it’s just one of the many struggles I’ve faced.)

For me, I’ve always leaned towards dealing with my what struggle I’m ready to face as well as what is most invasive in my life at that moment. Ive been able to overcome take on one trigger at a time. Only

Souly focusing on ways to help elevate that pain,panic, anxiety or many other uncomfortable sensations. that