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*Shine* Release Those Worries

🚗 What do your car, couch, & toilet have in common? They can all act as a ‘third space.’ How to find yours.

Stress from your 9-5 can creep into *all* parts of your day. But creating a ‘neutral zone’ to release those worries can help you reclaim your vibe.

Today, create a ‘third space’—a place where you intentionally hit reset. Ex. Your commute home, your garage, front door. Use it as a trigger to mentally switch gears.

You deserve the space to unwind. ☺️

P.s. Shake off stress smarter 👋 with these 4 tips

depression, PTSD, Panic Attack's

*Shine* Under Pressure

🎤 ‘Under Pressure’ feel like your Tuesday theme song, Jen? Let’s change that 🙂 Call out real v. *imagined* pressure with this list.

We’re pros at throwing ‘shoulds’ & ‘musts’ at ourselves (ex. I *should* be the perfect employee, I *must* finish my entire to-do list)—but it can stir up pressure that isn’t real or helpful.

🗒 Today, create a ‘pressure list’ to check yo’ stress.
1. Write a list of all the pressure you’re feeling
2. Label each one as ‘real’ (is this a legit expectation from you/someone else?) or ‘imagined’ (is this expectation just unrealistic?)

Remind yourself: ‘I don’t have to carry *all* this pressure.’

P.s. The subtle difference between ‘pressure’ and ‘stress’

depression, PTSD, Panic Attack's

*Shine* You Can Do Big Things

🗣️ ‘I can do ___, but I could never do ____.’ Spoiler alert: You can do big things. Believing that is step 1. Shed self-doubt this week with this mantra.

Want to learn more or check your intention?

It’s easy to talk yourself out of goals because of fear & worry. But research shows shifting our ‘self-efficacy’—or how *capable* we feel—can help push us forward.

Today, remember your power by thinking: ‘I can do big things.’ And recall 1 difficult thing you’ve overcome in the past year to prove it. 🥊

You’re so capable, Jen.

P.s. Reconnect with your *authentic* self with these 4 steps

depression, PTSD, Panic Attack's

*Shine* Daily Intention

🌟 Your Daily Intention🌟

Today, remind yourself: It’s OK to go slow. Challenge yourself to not rush through the process.

Joy requires our full attention—and multitasking (ex. playing with the dog *while* texting *and* watching ‘You’ 👀) can prevent us from truly basking in enjoyable moments.
This weekend, make your mantra: slow down. 🐢

Whether it’s breezing through the grocery store or grabbing coffee with that friend—resist the urge to multitask & try showing up to that *one* moment.

In the words of one famous kid ditching school: ‘Life moves pretty fast.’ This weekend, slow down and show up, Jen.

P.s. Valentine’s Day is coming up—and we want to hear your *self-love story.* 💕 Take 5 to share it with us?

depression, PTSD, Panic Attack's

Anxiety. Depression. Moving Out. Scary shit.

On a scale 1 to 10. Ten being the highest. I’m at a 7. It’s hard to breath. My stomach tenses. Constantly attempting to catch my breath. Feeling nauseous. My neck refuses to release the pressure I feel in my neck and my head.

Im struggling with my depression at the moment. I must move out in a month. But at the moment I am seeking out a job. It’s scary and different.

I keep failing.

I suppose it just takes me a few extra tries to get things right. 🙂

I’m just scared to be on my own. I have a hard time taking care.

depression, PTSD, Panic Attack's

*Shine* Worries

☔️ You control your worries, —Fyre Festival-sized ones *and* pesky Thurs stress. Categorize them with this 1-min visualization.

Want to learn more or check your intention?

The likelihood of all your worries *actually* coming true? Not as high as it feels. Research shows that questioning if a worry could actually happen can help you break out of a thought spiral.

Today, categorize worries by *probability* to see what’s worth your mental energy.

Category 1 = Highly Unlikely (Meteor hits ya ☄️)
Category 2 = Possible But Not Likely
Category 3 = Likely
Category 4 = Highly Likely
Category 5 = Inevitable (Fyre Festival failing 🥪)

You can challenge your worries, Jen.

P.s. More ways to worry *better* 🏖️

depression, PTSD, Panic Attack's

*Shine* Negativity

🤔 ‘I could try, but I’d just mess up.’ Negativity calling the shots, ? Use this 1 Q to decide from a place of hope—not fear.

Studies show we’re hardwired with a ‘negativity bias.’ What that means: We think more about a potential negative outcome than a positive one when we make decisions.

Today, if you’re making a decision, challenge your negativity bias by asking: Am I deciding from a place of hope or fear?

Ex. That new task at work. Fear: Nope, it might go wrong. Hope: Sure, it *could* go right.

Remember, : ‘Hope is a form of planning’ – Gloria Steinem.