Rainy & wet

Today is the opposite of yesterday. It’s pouring down rain. At least I’m in a warm spot. I’m attempting to think about what my next blog should be about. I’m trying to think about things differently. Hmm perhaps I’ll write about habits. Perhaps bad habits and how they can effect your mental health. My bad habits consist of smoking cigarettes, drinking too much Pepsi and energy shots. These are my down fall. I use each one as a way to cope with zero energy, anxiety, self worth. I’ve been talked to by family members and close friends about the issue. I haven’t found a good enough substitute.

3 thoughts on “Rainy & wet

  1. Well at least you acknowledge that the bad habits are reason for your downfall .That’s the first step .Guess you have to decide how to reduce these addictive bad habits .Maybe some hobby or way to keep yourself busy ..All the best

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