Letting My Emotions Run

Boredom is my enemy. I seem to let myself get wrapped up in thoughts that are unhelpful. Then I’m calling you. You send it to voicemail. This angers me. Thus I’ll call again. Out of pear frustration and a little bit of “sticking it to the man”. I remember this time when you were ignoring a call. You told me “my trick is to just let it ring”. Haha Well I’ll show you what letting it ring really means! I’m both angry and hurt he deliberately ditched my call. My emotions seem to come out sideways in these situations. Meaning, I get angry I want to show the other person they hurt me. Since I’m quite sensitive, I’m quickly triggered to feel hurt.

I believe if I used some CBT skills it may help me view this whole situation differently. Sometimes my emotions swipe me up. Instead of thinking about what I’m doing or saying, I do what the emotion wants. I givein to my strong feeling. I need to not do this. It hurts relationships.

Published by Jeannette_PTSD

Hi, My name is Jeannette I'm 32. I'm diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, Adhd, Panic Attacks, Bipolar2, PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. Im here to help others understand what life like now with these disorders they have.

12 thoughts on “Letting My Emotions Run

  1. Honestly I’d be pretty pissed off too if someone I cared about just purposely let the phone ring when I called them!!! I wouldn’t do that to somebody I care about. I think writing WordPress posts is really therapeutic and is something I also do sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed with emotions. It’s good that we can sometimes manage to use overwhelming emotions in a constructive way xxx

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