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My Solution For Coping With  Triggers This Quarter At Clark College

My Solution For Coping With Triggers This Quarter At Clark College

  1. I’ll encourage myself to stick out anxiety ridden situations. I tell myself I am enduring my own personalized form of exposure therapy. It may feel uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I’m aware uncomfortability is a sign of growing.

    2. I’ll use pleasant smells, such as lavender or pretty perfumes to reduce feelings anxiousness.

3. Mental Health Apps

a. 7 cups App : I volunteer on this app as a Listener. I help others with mental health issues. This helps me boost my self esteem. Also a great source for support and gobs of great information.

    b. Headspace App :

    Headspace is an English-American online healthcare company, specializing in meditation. The company mainly operates through its online platform, which provides sessions of guided meditation to its registered users with the goal of mindfulness.

    c. Daylio Mood Tracker app :

    This app allows me to keep track my moods.

    d. Pinterest app : I find positive affirmations/ sayings here and post them on Instagram. Its therapeutic and positive.

    e. Docs app : Journaling is one of the best ways to stay on top of your mental health.

    4. Feel confident as well as comfortable leaving triggering situations.

    5. Tapping can reduce symptoms of Depression, anxiousness or even distorted thoughts of not being smart enough.

    6. Continue Positive self-talk.

    7. Use listening with ear buds as a way to cope with test anxiety, social situations, large group gatherings and for studying.


    17 thoughts on “My Solution For Coping With  Triggers This Quarter At Clark College

    1. Thank you for this post. Living with Complex PTSD on campus is really challenging. I am quite surprised that we actually use the same apps to cope. I never thought of being triggered on campus as a form of exposure therapy, having a new set of eyes always helps. Thank you for such a wonderful post. Headspace and daylio are the best apps ever!

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    2. I love this! I don’t have PTSD but I do cope with depression, and these all look really really useful! I know they’re for you, but it’s amazing that you put something like this out for other people to use so that they could feel better too!

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