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Mental Health : Triggers

I am triggered when Jordan ditches me. I go all pyco bananas on him. I feel bad after. But the rush of such swift hurt as well as rejection it feels so real and so true in the moment, most of the time.

Side note: I personally believe that I feel emotions on a higher scale then most. I got a talkin’ to in front of the group when I tried to reiterate these views.

I wish I wasn’t as mean.

I do this obsessive texting shit. It would be so annoying. But I get these emotions which try to take charge. They are huge bad emotions.

There’s my good obsession. Like photography, mental health and there are bad obsessions such as why Jordan ditched me and creating stories in my mind of what would piss me off the most.


2 thoughts on “Mental Health : Triggers

  1. I tend to strongly react to any situation that I feel is out of my control or that I feel I’m not a part of .. my trigger lately has been jealousy over my husbands succes in his careeer ( ridiculous right )


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