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Down Sizing My Life_mental health


I must downsize what I have. It’s hard. I feel like a little child complaining about giving my things away. Unfortunately, emotionally it may be a struggle which leads to me jumping from one thing to another. My moms in the house. It has been a struggle  communicating in a positive way with my mother. Perhaps I had a hard time talking . I decided to start asking her what funny thing or story has happen to you lately? Which allows us to stay positive and possible laugh once in a while. Instead of her mocking me because I failed a class or two. She’ll continue saying maybe your just not college material. Oh does that hurt to hear. I believe she thinks she’s being realistic and at times helpful in here ass backwards ways. Don’t get me wrong I had a good childhood. I was a pretty sheltered kid. My parents were always there. I’m talking about who she really is on a personal level. As well as … To be continued.




6 thoughts on “Down Sizing My Life_mental health

  1. Her judgment and style are negative based.

    You can be anything you want to be.

    He judgment is like air if you do not accept it.

    My father ruled with criticism, his vehicle of choice. Our self image has been dampened but not damaged.

    We are in control of what kind of material we want.

    College or no college, happiness is not connected.

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  2. Hi Jeannette;
    I just want to through my two cents in so you of course can take it for what it’s worth. I have found in my life with my Mom and now my daughters, the relationship mothers and daughters share is beyond complex. It is one that encompasses overflowing amounts of love and yet can be filled with strife. Especially as we grow older and tend to believe as young women we know and have the answers and should be free to do as we think we should, discrediting the wisdom and guidance Mom might provide whether you ask for it or not. I have learned that more often than not a Mom only wishes to aid their child in avoiding the pits and craters that the road of life holds for each of us. This, however good intentioned, isn’t always given in a way that is accepted as love or caring because of a certain tone or statements full of negativity. We often have to step back and look at what the context is and sometimes we are able to absorb it in a better way. Sorry to write a book. Hope all becomes smooth sailing for you as you move forward.


  3. Failed a class or two? And how does that make you not college material? I mean maybe the professor is lame or a stalker or the school burned down. Or maybe being bipolar/ptsd the ability to focus and keep up and care wasn’t there. I got fired from jobs because of not being able to sit down and stop talking. (mania) Now, how is that my fault? Or yours? We have an illness, and it is like riding a roller-coaster some days and some days it like locked in a dungeon (for me) My challenge is to live my life the best I can in spite of being “looney”. So “Cheer UP”, “Shake IT OFF”, “Do better”, “Why won’t you try?” these are ALL things people say that don’t help and certainly just shows you they don’t understand what it is like to be bipolar, ptsd, depressed or any other mental illness. My Uncle has it bad PTSD and Bipolar. I got something, not sure what though but it seems to match the bipolar/ptsd track too. So I guess I’m not college material too!

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  4. I heard once that you don’t fully live the college experience till you flunk a couple classes, and because economics, and the prof at mine, now takes up over 3 chapters in my Burn Book, I completely agree.
    Sometimes people tell you things they mean to help with, while its really just what they need to hear – what they need to believe. My mother said something similar when I couldn’t graduate my degree on the first try.
    Sending you good vibes!

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  5. I do have to wonder with some people what their motivations are, whether they think (in their ass backwards ways as you say) they’re helping and being realistic, or whether they’re afraid (of losing you to bigger things) or whether it makes them feel better by putting someone else down, or whether they are simply scared and don’t know how else to communicate their concerns. The other comments have said it all so well – rise above this as best you can even though it’s not easy. You have your own life to live, without bounds, where you can do what you wish and achieve whatever you set your mind to. Never forget that.xx

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