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Anxiety, Depression and Successes

I feel Defeated. I couldn’t maintain rent with the minimal hours I have at work. My anxiety took on a body of its own and crushed me. Pounding me down into the ground. The feelings of anxiety plus depression constantly telling me I’m not smart enough to be in school again, crushed my spirit. I messed up on my last five page paper. I realized I hadn’t written it correctly and had to rewrite the whole thing. I suddenly got squashed with homework. It was all sad and defeating. But one thing I keep trying to remind myself is on the show American Greed people seem to reinvent themselves over and over again after failing at one job they continue and they succeed some where else. I keep thinking about this. Yes, I have a minimum wage job but who knows what the future holds


18 thoughts on “Anxiety, Depression and Successes

  1. You are a fighter. Always remember that, as long as you are breathing, there is hope for a new day, every day. You’re right – who knows what the future holds? And as long as you’re doing your best, that has to be good enough. And it IS good enough. Never give up. You’re going to make it!

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  2. The bright side is no matter how defeated you feel, you still got up and kept going. That itself, is an achievement. Don’t give up, it is a whole new day tomorrow for you to write. No matter how hard, keep on going for that is what makes you stronger as days pass by.

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