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*Shine* To do

👽 Peak Jen: Conquers something. Feels awesome. Gets all ‘on to the next one’. But focus = tricky. Today, ‘spacewalk’ your to-dos.

Want to learn more or check your intention?

Multitasking makes us *feel* like productivity pros, but it actually creates more stress & reduces our output by 40%. The fix: monotasking, aka taking it *1* thing at a time.

Today, try to *spacewalk* your to-do list. 🚀 As you hustle, think: Am I tethered to *1* task right now, or kind of drifting into a to-do list black hole? Take it 1 focus at a time.

One small step for your to-do list, one giant leap for productivity, Jen.

P.s. How batching can help you avoid the multitasking trap, too 👾


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