depression, PTSD, Panic Attack's

*Shine* Worries

☔️ You control your worries, —Fyre Festival-sized ones *and* pesky Thurs stress. Categorize them with this 1-min visualization.

Want to learn more or check your intention?

The likelihood of all your worries *actually* coming true? Not as high as it feels. Research shows that questioning if a worry could actually happen can help you break out of a thought spiral.

Today, categorize worries by *probability* to see what’s worth your mental energy.

Category 1 = Highly Unlikely (Meteor hits ya ☄️)
Category 2 = Possible But Not Likely
Category 3 = Likely
Category 4 = Highly Likely
Category 5 = Inevitable (Fyre Festival failing 🥪)

You can challenge your worries, Jen.

P.s. More ways to worry *better* 🏖️


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