depression, PTSD, Panic Attack's

Anxiety. Depression. Moving Out. Scary shit.

On a scale 1 to 10. Ten being the highest. I’m at a 7. It’s hard to breath. My stomach tenses. Constantly attempting to catch my breath. Feeling nauseous. My neck refuses to release the pressure I feel in my neck and my head.

Im struggling with my depression at the moment. I must move out in a month. But at the moment I am seeking out a job. It’s scary and different.

I keep failing.

I suppose it just takes me a few extra tries to get things right. πŸ™‚

I’m just scared to be on my own. I have a hard time taking care.


8 thoughts on “Anxiety. Depression. Moving Out. Scary shit.

  1. AND there was a moment I realise… just maybe I’m guiding myself to a new sacred place in which to build the rest of my harmonious life, discover great work and people that only want to look out for one another! I can do this… I know, much love barbara x

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  2. The issues are real

    Can you separate the body sensations from the dialogue.

    Our body sensations are not dangerous, even our fight or flight mechanism is neutral.

    It is tasked with defense from perceived lethal threats.

    It is tough to cope but you have the ability to calm your body and take action.

    Good luck, I will keep you in my attention when I Meditate

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  3. Moving out is a big thing, and add to that finding a job and depression too and it all gets rather overwhelming. I’m sorry you’re struggling with all this right now. Breathe, take it one step at a time. You can do this. With all the stress and tension, don’t forget to get enough rest and remember you will be okay. Sending hugs xxxx

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