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*Shine* Daily Intention

🌟 Your Daily Intention🌟

Today, remind yourself: It’s OK to go slow. Challenge yourself to not rush through the process.

Joy requires our full attention—and multitasking (ex. playing with the dog *while* texting *and* watching ‘You’ 👀) can prevent us from truly basking in enjoyable moments.
This weekend, make your mantra: slow down. 🐢

Whether it’s breezing through the grocery store or grabbing coffee with that friend—resist the urge to multitask & try showing up to that *one* moment.

In the words of one famous kid ditching school: ‘Life moves pretty fast.’ This weekend, slow down and show up, Jen.

P.s. Valentine’s Day is coming up—and we want to hear your *self-love story.* 💕 Take 5 to share it with us?


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