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The Struggle is Real!

Friend: How are you?

Me: Im okay. Im in the process of searching for a place to stay. Watching a little survivor on hulu. As well as searching for this therapy app. Its called “BettetHelp” app. The first therapist I spoke with was only a mental health counselor. Personally I continually struggle with quite a few mental health issues. Fortunately, I was able to to switch to a new therapist. This time I hit the jackpot! I was paired with a psychologist. I felt as if she truly understood the study of mindfulness, meditation and an overal feeling that she truly could understand the pain and undless suffering that mental illness brings.

It is real.

I have no idea why such a simple question lead me to an enormous answer. I thought my answer to his question was sloppy, but as I continued to read it. I felt as if sense



6 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real!

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!… glad that perhaps life will become better and you have the support of many!!… just hold onto your dreams and follow your heart!… 🙂

    “No matter the pain or suffering, it is always better if it’s a burden shared by two, instead of a weight carried by one alone”… (Larry “Dutch” Woller)


  2. Jeannette, I am glad to see your face. Sorry, I have not responded to your posts recently. I have been swamped with my own stuff. I am thankful you found an excellent psychologist. I will send you an email soon. Blessings Roland

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