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Boundaries between my parents and I

My relationship with my mother is odd and dysfunctional. She feels as if she has the power to tell me what to do. Such as, demanding me to wash the floor. I had to reveal my own personal boundaries at this point. I told my mother i would wash the floor. But after my nap. Its a real issue. My mom is so nice in person.
Sadly, she’d remarked on my ability to go to college. I was told I wasn’t smart enough. Its just sad. Please never tell your own child.


4 thoughts on “Boundaries between my parents and I

  1. Take care of yourself, you have the strength to rise above!! ❤️ because i’ve been in the same situation and as for not smart enough!! It’s about learning and gaining confidence in which it’s there role to support you and guide you!! not criticize. 🙏

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