Building Self Compassion

. . The Self Compassion Skills Workbook”: 1. “There is a specific circuit in your brain that scientists call the Care Circuit, which creates the experience of compassion, warmth, and love. 2. Self-compassion training strengthens your Care Circuit—like exercising a muscle. 3. With enough compassion training, your Care Circuit can literally grow in size so […]

Building Self Compassion

Published by Jeannette_PTSD

Hi, My name is Jeannette I'm 32. I'm diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, Adhd, Panic Attacks, Bipolar2, PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. Im here to help others understand what life like now with these disorders they have.

3 thoughts on “Building Self Compassion

  1. fact you might use eight percent of your mental capacity. fact two hempispheres of your brain. make good decisions. why should you care? if you dont who will? you might ask do you? i do. why? how would i know .


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