Pregnancy and Depression

My mental health right now isn’t the best. I’m pregnant thus my body is getting so large. I honestly don’t think I enjoy being pregnant. I hope that not just me. I have a poor self image at the moment. I think of myself as ugly. Which I’m attempting to work on. Now each time I see myself in the mirror, I simply say “you’re beautiful. ” Being pregnant makes me feel embarrassed. I wish I felt happy rather than feeling nothing. But I’m having dabbles of depression. It’s so hard… Balancing feeling depression or numbness. The inability of feeling any emotion. 

It’s hard to get outta bed. Hmm…. Any suggestions? I see a therapist. I’m on medication. 🙂 Any tips from Mindfulness, cbt, dbt all so helpful.

Published by Jeannette_PTSD

Hi, My name is Jeannette I'm 32. I'm diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, Adhd, Panic Attacks, Bipolar2, PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. Im here to help others understand what life like now with these disorders they have.

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy and Depression

  1. Repeating positive mantras like you are doing ‘I am beautiful’ is good. I think it’s also important to remember that your allowed to feel how you feel and not to pressure yourself to feel happy or a certain way. There is no right or wrong way to feel during pregnancy. Many women suffer depression throughout pregnancy. Your body is under immense stress, it’s changing in ways beyond your control, your pulling off an amazing miracle here, your growing new life. That’s bound to be stressful and tiring and affect mood. Be kind to yourself, don’t pressure yourself. Remind yourself that it’s all going to be okay. That you are beautiful. That this is a temporary state. Remind yourself that your doing your best and that’s enough. ❤️ much love sweetheart xxx

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    1. I can only agree to opheliamoonbeam! Be good to yourself, and pregnancy always is a decision in life, the body and the mind have to accept. Dont worry, and enjoy every day as much as possible. Whats about a walk in nature? 😉 Best wishes, Michael

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  2. What a wonderful first response. We are so conditioned to believe that everything about pregnancy is perfect and wonderful that if we don’t feel that way, we take it as a failure. There’s much about it that’s hard and the closer to the end, the harder it gets.

    Be kind to yourself. Also, talk to your doctor about a post-pregnancy plan. That was the best thing I think I did – we planned ahead for the post-partum hit.

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  3. Hi Jeannette. Thank you for sharing how you feel. What you feel is real and I know that depression sufferers cannot simply heal by being told ‘be grateful’. If anything, I imagine that makes you feel worse because you are also battling feelings of guilt. But the next time you start feeling ugly, try to think about all the depressed infertile women who are walking past you with flat tummies but wishing with all their being that they could swap places with you. Would that that help you a little? I’m not sure, but you could give it a try. All pregnant women look radiant. The mirror is such a liar! What advice that others have given you has been a good help in the past?

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