Pregnancy is hard shit.

Pregnancy is definitely harder then I thought. I throw up every day. I’m standing for long hours at work. So while at work my belly is stretching and it’s a painful process of getting bigger. Rawr… I could take walks and sleep and if be a happy camper.

I got the flu a few days back and I lost weight. So I’m trying so hard to eat. But I’m not a big fan of eating in the first place. I don’t know why. I should talk to my therapist about it being hard to eat unless I smoke weed. It’s difficult. I just never thought pregnancy would be like this. So unpleasant.

People says it’s such a beautiful thing. But I have to say I never want to do this again.

Published by Jeannette_PTSD

Hi, My name is Jeannette I'm 32. I'm diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, Adhd, Panic Attacks, Bipolar2, PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. Im here to help others understand what life like now with these disorders they have.

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy is hard shit.

  1. For some, it’s a beautiful thing. For others, it’s hell. For many, it’s in the middle. Please, don’t buy the “one true way” message or the idea that if you aren’t fantastically in love with all that is pregnancy, there’s something wrong with you.

    It’s hard.

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  2. Currently in the preggo boat with you. It’s definitely not the totally magical experience I imagined. Of course, it is beautiful to grow a tiny human. Not so beautiful to have horrible hip pain, itchy stretching skin, constant fatigue, leaky nipples, foggy brain, practice contractions, constant need to pee, insomnia, blood pressure issues and blood sugar issues, etc. All that to say, agreed with Em. It’s okay to not be in love with the whole pregnancy experience. It is hard!

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    1. I agree completely. I thought I would view it as a beautiful magical thing too. But no. Not for me. But that’s okay. I just never here people speak badly about pregnancy. But for me. I just feel like I must say something. It’d something I don’t wish on anyone. Haha.


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