Still At Home!!! Listening to a book by Pema Chordon’s

Personally, I’ve lost count on how long this ‘Stay At Home’ ordinance has lasted. I’ve found myself going outside turning on the Headspace app and meditating. Also I have been listening to an audio book called ‘The Places That Scare You’ written by a Buddhist monk Pema Chodron. Pena writes “Nothing and no one isContinue reading “Still At Home!!! Listening to a book by Pema Chordon’s”

It’s normal for me to live in an alternative reality

I seemingly run happily into the arms of toxic relationships. I can be found putting guys on a pedestal. Unknowingly to myself, I felt insecure. Thus I would choose a dominant partner… possibly a narcissists. Leading to my thoughts being smothered by my negative inner choice constantly questioning what I choose to say. This alternateContinue reading “It’s normal for me to live in an alternative reality”

Two Types of Disassociating

It’s not like I’m just started therapy. I’ve been going for years. I’ve been working on my mental health for a while now. Mental health issues are real and my issue arises with money. People with bipolar need someone to hold their money. But it seems like this is enabling. When I deal with moneyContinue reading “Two Types of Disassociating”

Who I am… Today in the Moment

I am antithetical.This can be characterized as being directly opposed or contrasted, mutually incompatible. I proclaim myself to be a exceedingly unique person. I feel safe outside in front of my family’s door. Im squatting as I puff on my anxiety relief kicks in for a few. I use to be alert every second IContinue reading “Who I am… Today in the Moment”

American Education System: Dumbing Us Down *Final Updated November 13th *

Jeannette N. Whalen Kristi Phillips English 101 November 13, 2018 emotional intelligence and critical thinking are closely intertwined throughout the elite schools curriculum found in Anyon’s article. But merely was not taught in lower to middle-classes schools. Yet the solution Gatto institutes is remarkably simple as well as doable. Let the students govern themselves. GivingContinue reading “American Education System: Dumbing Us Down *Final Updated November 13th *”

Nostalgia over the 1950’s Could Bring Movements for a Better 21st Century

Jeannette Whalen Kristi Phillips English 101 Essay 2 In Stephanie Coontz article, “What We Really Miss About the 1950s,” She argues that nostalgia can be seen as dangerous. Coontz’s believes that people shouldn’t feel a sense of longing for the 1950’s due to racial discrimination and civil rights issues. Typically every era has its pitfalls;Continue reading “Nostalgia over the 1950’s Could Bring Movements for a Better 21st Century”

English 101 -Essay Mindset

In her essay” Brainology: Transforming students Motivation to Learn” Carol Dweck tells her readers ” If you feel dumb-permanently dumb in an academic area, there is no good way to bounce back and be successful in the future.” If you feel dumb due to a disability does this indicate  a lack of resilience and aContinue reading “English 101 -Essay Mindset”

My Life…with Bipolar 2 and PSTD

I’m trying really hard to keep organized. Except my room is a big stye. I’m terrified of what is coming with school and moving. My parents are having me move out for the experience I suppose. Honestly they are telling me to move out because I had my ex over while they were at myContinue reading “My Life…with Bipolar 2 and PSTD”