Pregnancy is hard shit.

Pregnancy is definitely harder then I thought. I throw up every day. I’m standing for long hours at work. So while at work my belly is stretching and it’s a painful process of getting bigger. Rawr… I could take walks and sleep and if be a happy camper. I got the flu a few daysContinue reading “Pregnancy is hard shit.”

Pregnancy and Depression

My mental health right now isn’t the best. I’m pregnant thus my body is getting so large. I honestly don’t think I enjoy being pregnant. I hope that not just me. I have a poor self image at the moment. I think of myself as ugly. Which I’m attempting to work on. Now each timeContinue reading “Pregnancy and Depression”

Coming off my Antidepressants…

It’s been super tough this passed week. I keep on having these crying spells. Ive cryed at work because I messed up on something. I’ve become upset at home because I was being told what to do with the stimulus check I just received. Instead of being able to rationally handel these situations I endContinue reading “Coming off my Antidepressants…”

Coming off Effexor…. Feb. 4th

I’m down to 37.5 MG of effexor. I have approximately one day left until I’m off the medication completely. I’ve been experiencing this zap-like feeling in my brain which is normal. Just a tad annoying. Emotionally today I had one break down. Sadly it was at work. I messed up and then j started cryingContinue reading “Coming off Effexor…. Feb. 4th”

Pregnancy and coming off my Antidepressants Effexor

I’ve been taking 375mg of effexor for quite a few years. But because effexor causes deformitys in babies Ive been advised I must come off the medication. I’ve been working with my psychiatrist to come off. I was taking 75mg last week and I was fine. But I moved down to two dosages of 37.5Continue reading “Pregnancy and coming off my Antidepressants Effexor”