Pregnancy is hard shit.

Pregnancy is definitely harder then I thought. I throw up every day. I’m standing for long hours at work. So while at work my belly is stretching and it’s a painful process of getting bigger. Rawr… I could take walks and sleep and if be a happy camper. I got the flu a few daysContinue reading “Pregnancy is hard shit.”

Pregnancy and Depression

My mental health right now isn’t the best. I’m pregnant thus my body is getting so large. I honestly don’t think I enjoy being pregnant. I hope that not just me. I have a poor self image at the moment. I think of myself as ugly. Which I’m attempting to work on. Now each timeContinue reading “Pregnancy and Depression”

PTSD Symptoms…

Symptoms of PTSD are like…. ・Reliving the event e.g. flashbacks, nightmares, night terrors. ・Avoiding reminders of the event e.g. numbing, sense of limited future, loss of interest in activities, isolation ・Hyperarousal e.g angry outbursts, feeling jumpy, Aggressive behavior ・Negative thought and mood changes e.g. guilt, shame, self-blame, difficulty concentrating or remembering things, depression Written byContinue reading “PTSD Symptoms…”

PTSD and Short Term Memory Loss

Written by TIA HOLLOWOOD PTSD impacts short-term memory for specific reasons. Learn why PTSD causes short-term memory problems, how to deal with it and how to know if it gets serious. For many individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), short-term memory loss is a significant concern. While working to calm and organize memories of trauma,Continue reading “PTSD and Short Term Memory Loss”