PTSD Symptoms…

Symptoms of PTSD are like….

・Reliving the event e.g. flashbacks, nightmares, night terrors.
・Avoiding reminders of the event e.g. numbing, sense of limited future, loss of interest in activities, isolation
・Hyperarousal e.g angry outbursts, feeling jumpy, Aggressive behavior
・Negative thought and mood changes e.g. guilt, shame, self-blame, difficulty concentrating or remembering things, depression

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With my PTSD I have symptoms of…

Angry Outburst: Now a days when Im triggered I’ll become so easily angered. Over the top angry.

Jumpiness: When ever my dad slams a door I jump. I’ve had to tell my dad not to intentionally scare me it makes my whole body tingle. I go into anxiety overdrive.

Mood Changes: My moods can shifts rapidly if you trigger me.

Negative thoughts: I have negative thoughts about my self worth and thinking I’m not smart enough.

Difficulty concentrating or remembering things: My therapist kept on asking me if I was adhd. I have a hard time remembering things.

Depression : I deal with depression quite a bit. But I’m doing okay right now.

Loss of interest in activities: I get this a little bit with my photography. I loss interest even though I enjoy taking photos. My depression stops me.

Numbing: I believe I numb things out. Thus when anything happy or sad happens it’s extremely hard for me to feel anything.

Blacking things out: If I don’t like a situation I can sometimes blackout it out. I thought it was kinda a neat little trick. 🙂

Flashbacks: I’ve had one flashback where I went straight back to the situation and I smelt gasoline all around me. Flashbacks are no joke. A flashback is a damn scary experience.

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*Trigger Warning*

A few weeks ago I had two people I know die. My neighbor took his own life. I’m saddened that this happened. He was such a hard working good person. I wish he wouldn’t have left like that. In a car with a gun. Pretty brutal. My heart goes out to him. Then my uncle passed away due to cancer, I think. He’s as old as my dad. That’s just shocking, to me. I feel so bad for my cousins. 😦

Death is a sad thing.

*Shine* How to *get up*

Michelle Kwan’s fallen 131,000 times on ice—and she has some sage wisdom on how to grow from a misstep. ⛸️

Want to learn more or try it out?

Have a cringeworthy moment lately, Jen? (cool, me neither.)

Seriously, we all slip. Read on for how Michelle Kwan bounced back.

We spend time learning how to *avoid* falling—but not really training how to *get up* when we do.

When we flex our bounce back? We can start to learn + grow quickly.

Next time you get up from a misstep, ask yourself Michelle Kwan’s go-to questions for growth:

1. What is it that I can change?
2. How can I improve?

*Shine* Hope

What’s *one* hope you have for this week, Jen? 🤔 Today, name your aim.

Want to learn more or try it out?

Hopeful about this week, Jen? Gooood.

Hope is you *allowing* yourself to want something.

Today, unapologetically name your aim.

Sometimes, the scariest thing is to let go of our fear + embrace hope. 💛

But taking time to name our desires? It helps us know what we want.

Today, try this radical thing: Take 30 seconds and think of 1 thing you *want* to happen this week.

Get clear about what you desire—and savor that bit of hope.

Here’s to more hopeful Monday, Jen.

Lost My Medication-Memory Issues?

I’ve been struggling with my memory lately. First I lost my medication at the beggining of this month, a day after I got it. Five days ago I got a ride home from a nice older lady and left my purse in her car. I had all my medication inside of it. So for the past four days I’ve gone without my Effexor which has horrible side effects if you stop cold turkey. Aspecially if your me… and on the highest does possible of the medication. Thus I have not been able to function properly for days. I’m surprised I’m even able to write this blog. I contacted my psychiatrist and hopefully she’ll be able to help me. But this is just one of the downfalls to having a horrible memory and no medication.