depression, PTSD, Panic Attack's

Bipolar 2… no meds day 4

This is the fourth day without my antidepressants medication. My mind does this shocking feeling. It pulsates through my whole head landing on my ears. My ears feel this in and out feeling. It’s as if I feel little twinging feeling.I woke up and my head had an inner pounding. 8 decided I just call the pharmacy and see if I had an extra refill. I was thrilled I had an extra script. Unfortunately, I must wait till tomorrow. But I’m overly exstatic that I will have my meds tomorrow.

depression, PTSD, Panic Attack's

Obsessive Tendency

Obsessive tendency. In my world I sometime feel offended when people don’t want to hangout with me.

I only have 4-5 friends. It’s so hard when I message someone and they don’t answer back. Sometimes I feel offended. I do odd things when I get this feeling. I message them again. I know it’s not right. I look forward to her and I talks. I feel as if I must have my girl time. Unfortunately she’s too busy for me.

depression, PTSD, Panic Attack's

*SHINE* You Can Be: Kind and Direct

🗣️ Things you can be: kind *and* direct, Jeannette. Try speaking your needs today with ‘compassionate directness.’ Read on to learn how to do it.

Want to learn more or check your intention?

Today, when communicating with others, make this your strategy:
💥 Be direct: What do I need to say? What’s my goal of the convo?
😌 Be compassionate: What solutions can I offer? How can I support them?

depression, PTSD, Panic Attack's

*Shine* Just *part* Of What Defines You.

💪 Your job, your age—you’re much more than those things, Jeannette. Today, remember these 8 things = just *part* of what defines you.

‘So, what do you do?’ is often how we meet people—but that question only skims the surface of who someone is. Plus: Studies show that when we base our worth on our job, we can sometimes be left feeling empty.

Today, flip the script and remind yourself of the values & passions that make you whole *beyond* the basics (work/where you live/your age). Answer these Qs:
-What makes you feel most fulfilled?
-How do you show up for yourself or people you love?

-How do *you* define success in your life?

✨ You’re more than your 9-5 or your zip code, Jeannette.

P.s. Need a reminder of your self-worth? 👇