PTSD Nightmares

I feel the warm of the sun threw my pants. I’m at work in my new secret spot around the back of the car wash. Ha-ha. Being irresponsible scratching two dollar bingos smoking a cigarette drinking Pepsi watching YouTube. I feel gross. I want a shower. But every time I go home and fall back asleep my dreams keep me awake. Keep me wondering. My dreams jult me up in the middle of the night. I’m I just jumped out of a pool. I get up tear my clothes off. Now we’re is something fuzzy I can wear. This happens sometimes twice in a night. It’s worse when I’m by myself. But….see no one see’s this. People judge so quickly as do I. It’s just sad.

I struggle with…

Hey my names Jeannette I’m 27 years old. I suffer from PTSD, depression and anxiety/panick attacks. Today is just one of those days I just want to curl up and stay in bed forever. I forced myself out of bed and I’m feeling a little bit better. I feel days. Each day blurs until the next. Everyone see’s me as a cute girl who looks pretty together. But I am not. This is me… I took this shot of myself. I’d like to be a photographer.


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