Pregnancy is hard shit.

Pregnancy is definitely harder then I thought. I throw up every day. I’m standing for long hours at work. So while at work my belly is stretching and it’s a painful process of getting bigger. Rawr… I could take walks and sleep and if be a happy camper. I got the flu a few daysContinue reading “Pregnancy is hard shit.”

I feel as if I’m destined to not succeed.

Maybe this thought has been engraved in me by the many aspects of the world. From my mother’s opinion of me to failing college due to my ptsd. I hope I can recreate my future. Possibly by hypnosis. I’ve done affirmations quite a bit. I should attempt to use this form of help to remakeContinue reading “I feel as if I’m destined to not succeed.”

A look at Brene Browns book Daring Greatly!

“Merely surviving is not living.” Witten by Brene Brown. “Love and belonging are needs of all people.” Witten by Brene Brown. “Love and belonging are impossible to experience without vulnerability.” Written by Brene Brown. “Examin shame triggers what’s fueling the win or lose of fear.” Witten by Brene Brown.